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Unlocking your Blackberry has never been easier! That's right - you're FREE, no longer bound to restrictive contracts because your unlocked Blackberry will accept any SIM card from ANY provider you choose - worldwide! You're just 30 seconds away from freedom...

We've unlocked over half a million Blackberry handsets since 2005, and we've learned how to deliver safely and instantly. Imagine the independence of choosing and customizing YOUR OWN plan and provider! Unlocking your handset is the BEST way to get what YOU want from your Blackberry.

We guarantee it. Our Blackberry unlocking process is 100% safe and guaranteed to unlock your handset - wherever you are. Your Blackberry will not be damaged in any way throughout this process, but you WILL gain worldwide functionality!

So how do you unlock your BlackBerry? It's as easy as punching in a couple of digits on your keypad! We'll provide you with step-by-step instructions and a Blackberry unlock code straight from the manufacturer.

Once your handset is unlocked, you'll be able to use it anywhere, with any provider - even more than one! Great for frequent travelers who need to communicate on the go. There are all kinds of unlocking options for Blackberry on the web - but ours is the best and the fastest. We're so sure you'll love our service that we'll match ANY price you can find. What's more, we'll still back you up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

It's easy. Just watch the video above and you will see that it doesn't require any technical expertise at all. If you do have any questions, rest assured because we've got the Web's BEST customer service department available to help you 24/7!

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from 3434 Ratings & Reviews
Great and fast service, my device was up and runing with no issue, the instruction was 100% accurate. I would reccomend anyone to this site, great jobs Guys.
David Milton, United States unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
Thankyou ever so much for your service, you were quick to use and worked effectively. 5 stars!
Ella Winter, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Very nice service :D
Damien Bourdonneau, France unlocked a BlackBerry 8520 Curve
Alicia M Astorga, United States unlocked a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Unlocking worked just as advertised. Instructions were easy to follow
Dennis Herbenick, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
great no sweat worked fine
Gary Laughton, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
I have now unlocked both my Blackberry phones with unlocking.com..... Both of them worked out extremely well..I even got 50% discount on the second order even though I order my first unlock code about an year ago.. I get my codes within 12 hours... Sometimes it takes more time but I guess its for our own good as they want to make sure about fraud use of the credit cards... Awesome....
Krunal Patel, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
Amazingly good, as usual. Second phone unlocked, even easier and quicker.
Marcel Soleda, Spain unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
It was very fast and kind thank you.
Maksim Streltsov, Russian Federation unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
Excellent service. Took 10 minutes before I had my code and it worked without a problem.
Chris Walker, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
Perfect Unlocking!!!!
Juan Ruiz Herrero, Spain unlocked a BlackBerry 8520 Curve
Idiot proof.does what it says on the label.simple instructions to follow.great site
Barry Field, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
The code worked first try. Service was very fast. I recommend this company totally.
Jack Hirschberg, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
Initially was sceptical about what you guys claimed, but still took my chances, immediately after ordering, within mins got a response and what an experience, took less than a min to get my phone unlocked. Nice. Loved it.
John Li, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
No problems at all and this is the second phone Ive unlocked, unlocking.com is golden!
Chislon Richardson, Trinidad and Tobago unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
Super fast delivery of the unlock code and works first time, many thanks for an inexpensive and valuable service, i will be telling my friends about your fantastic service. Many thanks again. Simon Butterfield
Simon Butterfield, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Service was very quick and easy!
Shrujal Patel, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Storm 2
Gerardo Elizondo, Mexico unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
You delivered exactly as promised. The service was faultless. Ive used many cell unlocking sites and would definitely judge yours the very best
Marta Braun, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
The code provided worked great and I have since been able to change service carriers! All-in-all, this was a great experience and I will definitely use Unlocking.com again soon!!
Rachel Macri, Australia unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Excellent! Im using torch9800 in Japanese DoCoMo SIM, and I have no problems.
Takuya Uchiyama, Japan unlocked a BlackBerry Torch
It worked perfect!
Federico Ponce, Chile unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Great service! quick delivery, correct code(s)
Ainsworth Brown, Jamaica unlocked a BlackBerry 8520 Curve
Great- fast service and worked without a problem. Would recommend this company!
Rachel Zurek, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
worked perfectly!
Carlos Osorio, Panama unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
Works as expected. Great price. Thanks!
John Councilman, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Torch
very fast!
Julian Cantalejo, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
It totally worked! And the code came within a minute. Thanks!
Jasmine Tan, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
My phone is working well, and i truly was happy with the discount you offered me too. Many thanks for that.
Kingsley Bethel, Japan unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
Awesome to use.
Mohd Adam Mahadi, Morocco unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
Your company is GREAT!!! I was able to unlock a Blackberry Storm I had in about 15 minutes for my Girlfriend. Her T-Mobile Phone had died. and she didnt want to renew her contract or spend hundreds for a new phone. In addition, I looked like "THE MAN" when I put her Sim card in(at which point it was able to make phone calls and text messages), made a few adjustments, installed the T-mobile service books and handed her a fully functional Blackberry for about 15 bucks!!! Thanks Unlocking.com!!!
Robert Cumming, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
As I expected from previous review, the service was quite fast and efficient and easy of use.
Mel Puyat, Australia unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Great service overall. Really quick order time, and really friendly, helpful customer service, many thanks.
Amy Hillier, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
recommend excellent and fast
Randall Carranza, Costa Rica unlocked a BlackBerry 9630
Wonderful service; reliable and quite fast as well.
Tony Liu, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Torch
Unlocking.com saved my life! My old phone had gotten wet, and I thought that I would of had to wait 6 months to get a new phone. I had an old blackberry, but it was AT&T and I thought that it would never work on T-MOBILE. I did some research and learned that I could unlock it. I stumbled upon Unlocking.com from a search engine, and to be truthful, I was quite skeptical. I paid my 15 dollar fee, and in less than 20 minutes I had a brand new phone. Absolutely love Unlocking.com and would recommend this to anyone.
Ian Mcfarland, United States unlocked a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Fast, and working :) A+
Nikola Komadinic, Serbia and Montenegro unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Great Service! Fast & Easy Thanks a Lot!!!
Teresa Mendez, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
I thought this would be a sketchy website and that it wouldnt work but it did! I can now use my Blackberry anywhere, and it was so much easier than getting it done at the store. I would recommend unlocking.com to anyone who would like to be free from the chains of their original service provider. It is fast, easy, and definitely worth it.
Neha Madhusoodanan, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
Fast, easy service
Sue Rollason, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Everthing cool. My blackberry is unlocked thank you
Markus Fritz, Germany unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Excellent and efficient process!
Mohamed Abousalem, Canada unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
Brilliant, Extremely fast !
Lee Mc Garry, Ireland unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Super fast no problems at all up in a couple min.
Nolan Harris, United States unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
The directions were very simple to follow
Brendan Moffatt, New York, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
from my experience since i have a mobile phone shop i can say Unlocking.com is the best unlocking website I ever used for all kind of phones, I never had any problem with any unlock code and if the unlock code is not available you will get a refund right away like what happened in one of the phones i tried to unlock.
Thamer, Riyadh, SA unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Excellent service! I appreciated the timely follow-upas the friendliness of your staff. The process was seamless. My phone works beautifully. Many thanks!
Johanne, New York, US unlocked a BlackBerry Javlin 8900
I was very impressed by the whole process. The cost and speed in which the transaction took place were fantastic. The communication was first rate! Thank you again for your service and help. Andre Bailey (UK)
Andre, Oxford, GB unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
After searching many sites, decided to use yours because of the helpful unlocking instructions and the price. Thank you.
NIcholas Wood, Salisbury, GB unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
ordered code, followed instructions, unlocked phone, no problem. thanks
Tom Hetzel, Villa Park United States unlocked a BlackBerry Storm 2
someone got back to me immediately to let me know that there was a delay all across the board. within a few minutes, i received my codes, and they worked on the first try. thank you again for your help - your customer service is excellent! -jessica bongiorno
Jessica, Baltimore, US unlocked a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Unlocking.com is the fastest site to send the unlock coeds I ever tried, and the support team is the best, they resolved all the technical problems i had in no time:)
Thamer, Riyadh, SA unlocked a BlackBerry Javlin 8900
I bought a new Razr in France but when I got home to the UK, it wouldn't work. It was locked. Thanks to you guys, I didn't make a mistake and got it unlocked in less than 24 hours. Thank you so much. Whew.
Candace Bell, Scotland unlocked a BlackBerry 9630
I could not get the automated unlock application working. But the manual process was easy. I would recommend the service to anybody. Thank you.
Wolfgang Schroeder, Benicia, USA unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
did it on both of my phone and will do it again :-)
Mendy, Bronx, US unlocked a BlackBerry Tour
great service - an unlocking site that actually delivers !
Paul, Adelaide, AU unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Service is great, fast, efficient, and above all, it worked flawlessly! I appreciated the credit card confirmation, makes us customers feel a bit safer. A big thank you. With kind regards, Richard Hamilton
Richard, Melbourne, AU unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Great service, you are simply the best!!
Daniel, Bondi, AU unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
I'm being green so using my old phone was important. I unlocked it using your services and it could not have been easier. Thanks for helping.
Lynn Murray, Massachusetts, US unlocked a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Words are not enough to express how much you helped me :)
Georgi, Sofia, BG unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Quick and easy process, support were excellent and I got the code. First code worked perfectly and I am now using my unlocked Blackberry Storm. Great service and highly recommended.
Robert Nordon, London, GB unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
I am now able to enjoy my Blackberry Storm even more thanks to the unlock code provided by Unlocking.com
Alvin, Fairfield, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
no problems at all
Harald Gigler, 8302 Edelsgrub 99 Austria unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
I was very happy with your service. Thanks.
Amanda, Charlotte, US unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
excellent. within few minutes, phone was unlocked. Thanks
Vishesh, Dublin, IE unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
The site is easy to navigate and the service I had was absolutely without fault.The mail i received telling me how to unlock my phone was clear, concise and easy to follow.When I need another phone unlocked, I will have no worries about using Unlocking.com service again and again. My only suggestion on how the site could be improved would be to have an even wider range of phone models listed.
Lincoln, United Kingdom unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
great help it all worked out perfect!!! very happy!!
Martin, Vienna, AT unlocked a BlackBerry Javlin 8900
Great service and experience! Didn't have any trouble unlocking my phone!! I recommend it!!
Claudia, Santa Monica, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
i was very impress by the speed in which you got back to me. the code worked and the directions were very clear. This is the second time i have used your service and this time was even better than the first time which was pretty remarkable.
Edith, Nassau, BS unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
You're service was great and your codes worked amazingly on the first try along with your easy instructions! I will seek to unlock all my phones from here on out! amazing! 2 thumbs up!
Pheej, Eureka, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
thank you so much, Your company is very well run, your people stayed in touch with me until I achieved my code. Perfect!
Rachael, Haddonfield, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Pankaj, Sydney, AU unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
you must use other language for all people..thank you
enea, torino italy unlocked a BlackBerry Javlin 8900
Perfect communication. Worked fine. Thanks.
Mahmudul, Caterham, GB unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
I paid, I got my code, it all worked perfectly, excellent service. Thanks!
Gary Schroeder, Pollock Pines, US unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
I am glad that you have unlocked quality phones. I am hoping to get my wife one soon also. Thank you for your great service.
Mark Gould, Valencia UA unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
The instructions for unlocking were easy to understand and follow. Landline support was excellent for questions.
John, New York, US unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
Hi there, or G'day as we say in Oz, Thank you for your excellent service, I nailed it on the first attempt. You offer a sensational service I will certainly spread the word, thanks, Graeme
Graeme, Brisbane, AU unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Another excellent experience with great customer service. Much appreciated.
Cameron, Belfast, GB unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Everyone was very helpful and most importantly I got the correct code to unlock my phone! Thanks Unlocking.com.
Lip Jin, Penang, MY unlocked a BlackBerry Javlin 8900
Overall customer support N/A in my case.
dmartin, rockhill usa unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
Hi. I'm 12 and I helped my dad unlock his Motorola phone. He's really happy now. Thank you!
Danny Simpson, Brighton UK unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
I gave my daughter a Blackberry to take to university but her roaming rates were staggering. I never thought of unlocking until I read about it and researched some sites. You made the process seamless. She is now unlocked and I am not going broke. Many thanks.
Roger Horn, UK unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
The process of ordering was simple and easy, and the instructions were easy to implement. I have recommended your website to many others who have also used it to their satisfaction.
Neale Stoffberg, Hoddesdon, GB unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
I had tried another service provider (wireless unlocking), but they only provided a link to another site which required very complicated downloads and navigation that could be done by a computer science major. I was staring at screens with symbols and icons and could get no where. Help was non-existent, too. I decided to try your site, and bang, my problem was solved instantaneously. I have had you unlock four phones for me so far, and all were as smooth an whipped cream. Excellent. I have told everyone about your site.
Roberto, Coral Springs, US unlocked a BlackBerry Bold 2
It was easy I went on the site then call and in 2 days i got my unlock code. if i ever need an unlock code Unlocking.com is the place thanks
Byron Mouton, Bowie, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm 2
I could not believe i got my code in less than 5 minutes! You guys are awesome!! matter of fact i am submitting a request for another unlock code right after I send this feedback.. Your instructions are VERY CLEAR and your customer support gets 10 out of 10.. Your rates are very reasonable.. Thanks again for existing
Vicky, Orlando, US unlocked a BlackBerry Javlin 8900
Your service is awsome i received the code with in 3 minutes , the device unlocked is blackberry storm 9500 locked to vodafone india which is unlocked with in 5 mins thank u very much sundhar
Sundhar, Kochi, IN unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
I have been very satisfied with your company service and the unlock system easy to follow instructions and prompt communication by email.
Mercedes, Lake Strevens, USA unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
This was my first time ever buying a unlocked code. Now i know if i need i another i will come back here always. Your customer service was great answer my question fast, and everything work like it was said. Thank you, cant wait to buy from you again.
Gabriel, Los Angeles, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
these people rock !! I will definitely be using their services again.I highly recommend them..AAAA+ Rating ***
Enzo, Dapto, AU unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
If only all of my online transactions worked as smoothly...
Dustin Chambers, Washington DC USA unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
Great experience, ultra fast service will definitely work again with you guys.
Carlos, Caracas, VE unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
best site for unlocking phones. thanks for the good service
Jay, Elkton, US unlocked a BlackBerry 8310 Curve
Simply awesome. Just simply awesome. Fast service and great instructions.
Bernard, Riverview, US unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
Thanks for making my Blackberry a worldly device. I don't know why I waited so long to unlock. I travel for business and was using an old phone but now I feel connected when on the road.
George Berks, Sweden unlocked a BlackBerry 9000
The whole experience unlocking my phone with Unlocking.com, was easy,fast and simple.Everything you need from a site like this.The code was delivered and worked fine.I was impressed by their service and will use them again in the future.
Mark Fulcher, Norwich, GB unlocked a BlackBerry Curve
Excellent service, very good support team, very quick response time. Thank you very much!
Rui, Póvoa De Santa Iria, PT unlocked a BlackBerry Storm
It was very simple and easy. Could not believe the promptness and accuracy. Would definitely recommend your service to my friends.
Pankaj Maskara, Mumbai India unlocked a BlackBerry Bold
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  • 1. Enter your IMEI, original network carrier and an email address for your code.
  • 2. Your BlackBerry code will be sent to you within 30 seconds.
  • 3. Follow the simple instructions and enter your code to unlock your BlackBerry.

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