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Unlocking your Blackberry has never been easier! That's right - you're FREE, no longer bound to restrictive contracts because your unlocked Blackberry will accept any SIM card from ANY provider you choose - worldwide! You're just 30 seconds away from freedom...

We've unlocked over half a million Blackberry handsets since 2005, and we've learned how to deliver safely and instantly. Imagine the independence of choosing and customizing YOUR OWN plan and provider! Unlocking your handset is the BEST way to get what YOU want from your Blackberry.

We guarantee it. Our Blackberry unlocking process is 100% safe and guaranteed to unlock your handset - wherever you are. Your Blackberry will not be damaged in any way throughout this process, but you WILL gain worldwide functionality!

So how do you unlock your BlackBerry? It's as easy as punching in a couple of digits on your keypad! We'll provide you with step-by-step instructions and a Blackberry unlock code straight from the manufacturer.

Once your handset is unlocked, you'll be able to use it anywhere, with any provider - even more than one! Great for frequent travelers who need to communicate on the go. There are all kinds of unlocking options for Blackberry on the web - but ours is the best and the fastest. We're so sure you'll love our service that we'll match ANY price you can find. What's more, we'll still back you up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

It's easy. Just watch the video above and you will see that it doesn't require any technical expertise at all. If you do have any questions, rest assured because we've got the Web's BEST customer service department available to help you 24/7!


from 3587 Ratings & Reviews
Awesome totally worth it ?
Anthony , United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto G Pure
Worked like I charm. Got my phone working in less than 15 minutes.
Lewis, Brazil unlocked an Apple iPhone 5
Had at&t service for years paid my bills on time. Had some issues and now they won't let me use my phone. Used UnlockBase.com and got unlock codes with no hassle. Fantastic! Thank you UnlockBase!
L. O. , United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S9+
Exelente servicio. son los mejores. Mi celular a vuelto a vivir. Los recomiendo al 100% . Saludos desde Puerto Rico. Exelent service A++
oscar , United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
At first I was kinda worried because yall was backed up so I thought I got scammed but I am 100 % happy and everything worked I highly recommend you guys thanks
Theodore day ll, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Very fast let see if work but thanks anyway
Marcel, Spain unlocked a Nokia 3410
Eslenta trabajo de parte d ustedes son de fiar amrn
Juan Francisco Troncoso Beltre , Dominican Republic unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
after trying other sites that turned out to be scammy or bait-n-switchy.. i was referred here. seems to be the real deal..
Jo bel, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
I love your job. Thanks
Denny Tamayi, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
I got what I paid for on time. No hidden fees, no excuses and no funny business. I totally would have given them 5 stars but I didn't receive a confirmation email when I paid. I received my receipt, but I was kinda stressing that perhaps I put down the wrong email address on the order form. The next day, rite on time, there it was. No bs, this site is legit. Finally...
Jonny Garza, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S8
Extremely quick service, I received the unlock code in just over 1hr. I now have a spare lumia 950 (2015) that works on any networks sim.
Bill Martindale, United Kingdom unlocked a Microsoft Lumia 950
Very skeptical at first since there’s a lot of scam sites out for unlock codes. Decided to give this site a try and got the network unlock code in a few days! Worked first try! Thank you so much!
Carlin Anderson, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S21+
worked great. it took about 3 days for my code to get to me but worked on the first try. i highly recommend this service for anyone trying to sim unlock their phone. my phone is a galaxy s22+.
thad, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22+
Thank you so much my LG phone worked I highly recommend guys to use this at first I doubted it but am so happy I can’t wait to unlock my Samsung tablet
Lucy, Kenya unlocked a LG Phoenix 3
code didn't work at first but was a fault on my end, however after emailing they helped unlock my phone within a day. They responded quickly and got the job done.
B. Ashcroft, United Kingdom unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Awesome Results……..Less than 24 hrs…..Amazing
Carlos Santiago , United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
Good joB, my bb Classic now is open for all carrier, thanks
Costantin DAS., Italy unlocked a Blackberry Classic
It great to have this site I can now use my phone
Brian, Kenya unlocked a Nokia 3310
Fathalah, Morocco unlocked a Nokia 1100
I would rate my experience as a journey from being skeptic to becoming a believer. I thought its probably is a scam but its real and great. Now i am able to use an american phone in Pakistan. 2 thumbs up. Going to recommend Freeunlocks to my friends and all out there.
Muhammad Ali Khan, Pakistan unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
I was so thrilled when I received the code and it worked on the first try. The code email was a bit delayed, but I received a response right away, when I asked about it. It was worth the wait!
Jkay, Canada unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G
WOW! Only 6 minutes to unlock my phone!!! THANK YOU!!!
Darcey, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola moto G7 Power
It took a bit longer than promised, but it did work. Phone is now unlocked. Thank you!
Darcey, United States - USA unlocked a Sonim XP3 (XP 3800)
For my old classic Nokia 3310 the process seemed to have worked brilliantly. All instructions followed except that I had to type in the code with the old sim in as I couldn't access the keypad otherwise. However...my phone is still showing the same message "Insert Sim" when I put the new one in, despire also showing as "unrestricted". I am not sure why, so probably still need to get further advice. But at least I know for sure that it is not restricted. Thanks
Liz Wade, United Kingdom unlocked a Nokia 3310
J MAYY LOKY, United States - USA unlocked a LG 1200
Excelente muy bien
Alezander, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A02s
I’ve always used their Service to unlock Al most any phone,and I can honestly say that I gave them 5 stars rating,why? You’d ask,it’s simple they are good at their job,fast service that could go less then a day to 3 to 5 days in getting phones unlocked,definitely recommended for any one with good prices and discounts ??
Lopez Tech, Mexico unlocked an Apple iPhone 6S
Couldn't ask for better help thank you
Trina meto, United States - USA unlocked a LG 1200
Took a couple off days , but was worth the wait. I would recommend to friends
Debbie, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Took a few hours longer than expected but as soon as I received the email that it was unlocked I was able to activate my device on a different carrier network. No SIM Restrictions. And customer service was so helpful and polite. ?? Thank You So Much
Stephanie, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

How to Unlock Your BlackBerry

The Unlocking Process

  • 1. Enter your IMEI, original network carrier and an email address for your code.
  • 2. Your BlackBerry code will be sent to you within 30 seconds.
  • 3. Follow the simple instructions and enter your code to unlock your BlackBerry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking Questions

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