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Alcatel Unlocking

Alcatel phones are some of the coolest on the market today! But you already knew that, right? Did you know that now you can unlock your Alcatel phone so you can use it with any SIM card from any network carrier in the world?

It's true - you can! And we're here to help you do it. With an unlocked Alcatel phone, you'll be able to choose whatever plan you want and forget about the rest! That's going to save you money and make your life a lot easier- starting right now!

Our service is absolutely guaranteed to unlock your Alcatel phone. It's also guaranteed to be 100% safe - that means your phone WILL be unlocked and it will NOT be damaged at all! We're so sure of this that you'll get your money back if you're not satisfied!

Within a few hours of your request, you'll receive a manufacturer-direct unlock code. That means right from Alcatel - it works! We'll also send you our simple instructions on how to unlock your Alcatel phone. That's just in case: our unlocking process is actually simpler than writing an email... you'll be surprised how easy it is!

Technology's full of surprises, though! You may have some questions during the process - no worries! We've got a great customer service team, ready to help you 24/7! It doesn't get any easier! Get this, we'll match ANY price you can find to unlock your Alcatel phone - try us!


from 3587 Ratings & Reviews
The code worked but the instructions are outdated for the Nokia phone. I had to go on YouTube to find the correct instructions.
Carla c. , United States - USA unlocked a Nokia G300
Perfect and fast service. I unlocked 2 Mot G Pure phones in less than 30 min. I HIGHLY recommend this service
john n, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto G Pure
The best investment I have ever made. My old carrier lock my phone that they had no right to do. They gave me the run around for over three days with no indication of letting go of my phone I owned with no outstanding bill. I thought I no recourse except a long outcome with the fcc. You were prompt with the unlock code and it immediately work. I am so happy to have my phone back. I will recommend to everyone I know. Thank you Thank you Mary
Mary Leonard, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S20
This is amazing! My phone was unlocked in under 24 hours.
Kendra, Jamaica unlocked an Apple iPhone Xr
Wow! I am so happy with this service! FAST! In less than 12 hours my Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus phone that was locked to AT&T is UNLOCKED!!!!I love this service! Excellent Customer Service! Very Responsive!! I needed extreme hand holding. I'm not a tech person. I am Overjoyed!!! I absolutely recommend using Unlockbase.com to unlock your phone!!!! Thanks Again!!!!
Suzy Q , United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S20+
Success! After countless other failed unlocking services, UB pulled through and got my phone unlocked. I’ll definitely be coming back for any other unlocks.
Michael, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Bueno este app
Guitho jean, Haiti unlocked a LG 1200
It takes a couple of days to get the code sent to you but it seriously works. Want you type it in it really does unlock your phone which allows you to use with any provider.
Ruben, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
This is great service for people that are technically handicapped.
James hale, United States - USA unlocked a LG 1200
Много добър доставчик на уникални разкодиращи номера на заключени телефони
Ivo nakev , Bulgaria unlocked a Nokia 9210i Communicator
trying it now ill lyk very soon
kristine, United States - USA unlocked a LG 1200
Amazing service I felt great After my phone get unlock Its a very nice expérience I would advice every one to solve this problème i faced with thé same méthode Thanks for all
Mr Aziz, Morocco unlocked a Motorola Moto G 5G (2022)
I was a bit skeptical I must admit at first but figured I would give it a try and it worked like a charm!! They were able to unlock the ESIM on my Iphone 14 Pro Max in just over 48 hours. Will be using this service again in the near future.
Bryan Martin, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
Absolutely 100% skeptical about this service. The allotted time passed by a week with no response so I thought I got screwed out of $30 to the point I completely forgot about the phone itself as it was for my daughter to use. 2 weeks later I remembered and I went to check my email with the code. Punched it in and it was able to unlock. Thank you for your service you are able to provide.
Sarah B., United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S10e
This is a legit site and I am glad that my phone unlocked finally after trying for almost a year, I am very satisfied with your service Keep the good work and am hoping working with you for the future when I open my accessories repair shop. Thank you again
Ferehan siraj, Ethiopia unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A21
Thanks and very fast.
harsha, India unlocked a Huawei 601HW
Excellent service, results in a short period of time, fast waiting times.
Guillermo Arista, Mexico unlocked a Motorola Moto G52
Am very much delighted to have my iPhone unlocked, you are just the best and very much affordable. Really recommend for your great job.
Amos Sikombe , Zambia unlocked an Apple iPhone 6S
Is amazing cos I AV been finding dis since 8 years ago
Lekkey, Nigeria unlocked a Nokia 3220
Wow!!! That was really fast!!! My wait time was less than 1 hour. I didn't think they could do it after I tried to unlock my phone through another company and waited days only to be told that they could not unlock my phone.
Ryan, Trinidad and Tobago unlocked an Apple iPhone 13
Great service! Quick, accurate & informative(countdown clock to giving unlock code!). After several attempts to unlock my paid for Motorola Stylus 5G from original carrier Spectrum, I got it unlocked in less than 2minutes with Android Sim Unlock. Kudos to you & your service??
Cisco, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)
Response time was impressive.
Wendy , Trinidad and Tobago unlocked a Nokia 3120
It worked great on my note 10+ but my A12 hasn't been able to yet unfortunately still trying tho
Drew, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A12
unlock my cell phone
Ricardo Oxilien, Haiti unlocked a LG 1200
At first I was a little Unsure about this and at first I didn't realize or how to do it so I emailed them and they promptly emailed me back on the proper way to enter my unlock codes and it worked so I will refer to my friends and family thank you so much for your help
Christina Johnson , United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A01 Core
Received my unlock code within 24 hours, as advertised. Code immediately unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from AT&T to allow my Ting Sim Card. Thank you for your fast and easy service.
Robert Barnett, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
reasonable price, fast and safe took like 15 mins maximum for my phone was unlock... in my case, I unlocked an iPhone Xs max cost 19.99 straight forward no additional cost. thanks for your service. ps, this is my first time leaving a post on a site.
onetrapent, Jamaica unlocked an Apple iPhone Xs Max
Quick and easy n great service
SHADA baker , United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Worked flawlessly! And with a 24 hour turnaround! I was highly skeptical as my device wasn't completely paid for but no worries, worked like a charm! :) Thank you AndroidSimUnlock!
Cory Carter, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
After reading a lot of positive reviews, but also a couple of very negative, I was skeptical of using this service. In the end I couldn't be more satisfied. Expected delivery: 5-15 days, got my working unlock code just 42mins after ordering. Great service, quick and reliable! 10/10 would recommend
Simon, Belgium unlocked a Sony Xperia L3

3 Easy Steps

The Unlocking Process

  • 1. Provide us details about your handset.
  • 2. We generate your unlock code and email you the code.
  • 3. Once you enter the code in to your handset it will be unlocked.

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Unlocking Questions

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