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1Eliminate Roaming Fees

Roaming charges can drastically increase your base mobile phone bill every month. These roaming charges are based on your current cell phone contract or the limits of service that your provider offers. Unlocking your mobile phone can eliminate roaming fees by allowing you to change the SIM to lower priced networks or local networks when traveling.

2Increase Resale Value

When you decide to upgrade to a new phone, it's also time to sell your old one. Unlocked mobile phones are easier to sell and up to 300% more valuable than a locked one. They are compatible with more networks, meaning there will be more potential buyers for your phone.

3Use Any SIM on Any GSM Network

With an unlocked mobile phone you can change carriers without buying a new phone. This means you can take advantage of the best service package for your current needs. Then if your needs change, you can change providers.

4Save with Local Rates

An unlocked mobile phone allows you to take advantage of cheaper rates from rival networks. It also enables the use of local service providers while abroad. This will drastically cut down on your tariffs for text messaging and calls home.

5Global Connections

Unlocking your phone may also enable tri or even quad band functionality on your mobile handset. This means that your cell phone will be usable in even more countries around the globe as well as being a more valuable resale item. There is no longer any reason to own more than one cell phone handset.

6Dual SIM Adapters

When your phone is unlocked, there is the possibility of applying a dual SIM adapter, which allows you to have two SIM cards in the same handset. This makes your cell phone a much more versatile tool: you can separate work and leisure calls. Switching SIM cards can become as easy as turning your cell phone off and on again. You are in complete control of your mobile phone!

7Expanded Service Area

Being free of any provider restrictions allows you to increase your areas of service without roaming charges.

8Fast and Easy

Unlocking takes just 5 minutes of your time and is as easy as dialing a phone number. There is no need to install any software or upgrade the software on your handset.

9100% Guaranteed

Unlocking.com offers 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee and a lowest price guarantee. Our customer support team is available 24/7.

10One-time event

Works for the life of the phone.

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