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Your phone puts the world in your pocket... wouldn't you like to chose when and where to access it? Unlocking your Samsung mobile will let you do just that. Why should a telephone company tell you what you can and can't do when you can make your own choices?

Freedom is just a few clicks away... When you unlock your Samsung phone, you'll be able to use any SIM card, anywhere in the world - even a combination of different ones! Just imagine your savings - finally, it'll actually be better to use your own phone than anything else - you've never been so free to communicate, anywhere!

Unlocking.com has been helping you get the most out of your Samsung phone since 2004. We're able to help with almost all of Samsung's most popular models, and 100,000 successful Samsung unlocks later, you can be sure you're getting the fastest, easiest and best phone unlocking service available.

We guarantee it! Your Samsung telephone will be unlocked usually within 24 hours of placing your order - simple as that. We'll send you step-by-step instructions on how to unlock your Samsung phone, as well as an unlock code straight from the manufacturer. This means that your phone is 100% safe and guaranteed to be unlocked - or your money back. It's as easy as calling a friend!

Of course, you may have some questions during the process. No problem! Our "E-famous" customer service department is available 24/7 to help you with any questions you might have. It doesn't get any easier - unlock your Samsung phone now!


from 3587 Ratings & Reviews
Really amazing and very reliable unlock remote services
Richard Noprada, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 3GS
Excellent service. Will highly recommend to everyone, it just took one day and my phone was unlocked. Thanks ?
Mohammad Jamal , Saudi Arabia unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
It worked ! :) Awesome
Jurohn, Netherlands unlocked a Nokia 3310
Fast great service! Thank you
T Mossman , United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone Xs Max
Quick response, code worked :-)
Jules, United Kingdom unlocked a Huawei P20 Pro
I was gifted a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G by my cousin in the US. Iam in India. He had been using his phone a short while in the US with carrier AT&T. I paid freeunlocks USD 39.99 to unlock my phone. Payment made: May 12, 2022 Code promised : May 15, 2022 I emailed them on May 14 as a reminder. I got a reply on the same day stating that they had a delay, and that if I wanted they would refund me. I said I would wait. They sent the code on May 19, 2022. It worked the first time and my phone was unlocked. Now Iam using it with an Indian SIM! So thank you! I was initially afraid this was an internet scam and that i had lost my money, But at least in my case, they sent the code and my phone is unlocked. Thanks again to the company!!
Sujith Joseph, India unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
This website is the only one that was able to unlock my galaxy s20 Ultra and in a timely matter. I tried two other websites with no luck. I will be unlocking two more devices! Thanks!
Ray Bandz, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Simple to use. Like waiting for a key to open a treasure box! Could be a little more clear about which is the actual code.
Kenny, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A10e
Good honest clhhhhhh
Adekunle Abubakar, Nigeria unlocked an AEG 9070 DFTX
Took an extra day or two than the 72 hour time window, but got the job done.
AVic, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S21
Alright first of all, this isn't some fake ad. Seriously. My intial reaction was reluctant and even more so when I was charged and it did not show the email. Easy fix and they responded right away. Now there was a delay of a couple of days, and theyhave changed their gurantee, but I did get the code and it worked.... Be patient with these guys, they are trying from what I have seen in my experience with them. Thank you again
Daniel , United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S10
The service was quick and simple. It took 3 working days to complete the unlocking however once they sent me an update about it it was as easy as turning the phone on. In the description of the process they did mention how every detail needs to be correct but that is as simple as just following the instructions on the website.
Pawel, United Kingdom unlocked an Apple iPhone 5C
Excellent service and good customer support. Would definitely recommend
Dan, Spain unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A6
Waiting for weeks and three attempts to get my daughter's smartphone unlocked by the carrier, Claro in Puerto Rico. The company showed us one more reason not to do any business with them. After researching a few unlocking services found Unlocked Base, I can't be happier as we got our daughter's smart phone unlocked in less than 10 Minutes and for a great price.
Satisfied costumer , United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021)
Wow! You guys are Speedy Gonzalez lol great job !Thank you and thank you for Your response to my question, it was a pleasure doing business with you God bless and keep up the great work you’re doing!?
Ada Rivera, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A20
This is legit it took a couple days not including weekends to ģet the code but it definitely was well worth the money and wait bc I now have an unlocked phone and can use it with any network.
Michael Price , United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
All worked well, very impressed with the service.
Malcolm, United Kingdom unlocked an Apple iPhone 5S
Thank you!! My iphone 13 pro wast success unlocked in 2 days!
Salvatore, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 13 Pro
all right, unlocked quickly. thank you!
Vasyl, Ukraine unlocked an Apple iPhone 8
Got an iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked from AT&T in 3 days! Will use this service for all unlocks in the future
Demi, Mexico unlocked an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Outstanding customers service, quick turn around time! Thank you for getting my galaxy note unlocked ! I have to tell my friends about this site, freedom feel amazing.
Hugo ponz, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
I'm so happy I can unlock my iphone , the process is easy and the answer was quickly
Ernesto Mosquera, Colombia unlocked an Apple iPhone 13 Pro
It doesn't matter where you are or what kind of mobile network you want to use,this worked for me and am 100% sure that it will work for you ?? Thanks
Rex Kabwe, Zambia unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
Exelente servicio, muchísimas gracias!! Liberación de iPhone xr rápido y seguro
Samuel Rodríguez , Dominican Republic unlocked an Apple iPhone Xr
I was hesitant at first but phone was unlocked in less than 24 hours. Lightning fast!
Kelly Wysocki, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone Xr
After many days of deliberation I finally decided to try the service and boy was I surprised. I unlocked a Motorola phone I had sitting in a drawer for about a month and now can give it to my father to upgrade his phone. Thanks for being a trusted source for unlocking a phone.
Daniel B, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021)
Amazing service. super fast and reliable. I was able to Get my AT&T phone unlock so I can switch to Verizon ! Thank you
CJ rico, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 13 Pro
The customer support responded to my email in a timely manner. They were very helpful to my enquiries.
Leon, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
WOW this place is awesome worked first time and great price
jonathan logue, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto E
Excelente servicio me dio la liberación de mi huawei en solo 2 horas de solicitado. Lo mejor!!!!!
Alvaro, United States - USA unlocked a Huawei Y9 (2019)

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