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How To Unlock Your Motorola

To 'unlock' your cellphone means to remove the 'lock' applied to handset by your current provider. This 'lock' enables the network carriers to force you to use only their service even though your phone has been designed by Motorola to be compatible with any network worldwide. The reasons for locking your phone to their network are purely financial and have nothing to do with any limitations of the handset.

The Motorola unlock code, often called a Motorola subsidy password, that you purchase from us to remove this lock are sourced directly from Motorola and the code is specific to your handset. It is guaranteed to work without causing any damage, erasing of information or voiding of your warranty.

Step one

If your handset is locked it will display a message when powering up asking you to 'Enter Subsidy Password'. It should look like this:

If the above message is displayed, you will need to enter an 8 digit 'Subsidy Password', this is the code that we will send you.

Step Two

To order your code scroll to the bottom and select your phone and enter your details including your phones' serial number (often called an IMEI number). This can be found by pressing: * # 0 6 # (star, pound, zero, pound) on your phone's keypad. Your serial number will show on your phone's screen.

Or, turn off the phone and remove the battery. The serial number is printed on a white sticker, as shown below. (Note: You may need some reading glasses - the type is very small!)

Step Three

Once you have placed your order you will receive your unlock code back by email. It will be 8 digits long and should by typed in to the phone when it displays the message 'Enter Subsidy Password'. If the phone displays 'contact service provider', you have entered the code wrong. To get rid of this message leave the phone turned on for an hour and the 'Enter Subsidy Password' will reappear on the screen. Just try again.

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