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Invalid SIM Card

What does Invalid SIM Card mean?

The error message 'Invalid SIM Card' appears on BlackBerry cell phones when a new SIM card, which is not compatible with the original carrier, is used. If you have recently changed your SIM card or you have just bought a new handset you will need an unlock code to get your BlackBerry to work.

How do you unlock a BlackBerry?

Unlocking.com can provide you with an unlock code for almost any Blackberry phone. You just need to provide some information found on your phone. An unlock code and detailed instructions for using the unlock code will be emailed to you within minutes.

What information is needed to get a BlackBerry Unlock Code?

Your BlackBerry serial number (often called an IMEI number). This can be found by pressing: * # 0 6 # (star, pound, zero, pound) on your phone's keypad or under Status in your 'Options' Screen.

We will also require the name of the original network for the phone.

Can entering an Unlock Code damage my phone?

All Unlock Codes supplied by Unlocking.com are guaranteed and will not cause any damage, erase any information or void of your warranty. Unlocking.com provides restriction codes sourced directly from BlackBerry and specific to each handset.

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