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Monday 18th April 0


Sometimes our customers need a little help. We are always just an email away.. but we decided we could do it better. We decided we would make some video support guides.

We took about 35 cell phones, a lot of lighting and camera equipment and set it up in our offices here in Manhattan. It took up a full conference room, here are a few photos we took during filming.



Why did we need so much equipment? Try filming a handset without having any light reflecting off the screen.


We were able to produce 20 full HD support videos. These range from simple topics like ‘How to Find Your IMEI’ or handset specific topics including ‘Setting up a Verizon BlackBerry Storm’ or ‘How to Tell if Your BlackBerry is Unlocked’. This is just the start, we will be continuing to film and produce support videos every few weeks.


These videos will be appearing on our device pages as well as our new support section (more on that later).


A few screenshots from these videos can be seen below:



We are always trying to enhance our support tools and help you with any unlocking problem you may have as quickly as possible. If you have any feedback on videos we could add to our library please email [email protected]



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