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The Samsung Rugby: Tough Phone, Easy Unlock!

Friday 22nd April 0

Pretty sweet little phone – it’ll take just about anything and come back ringing! Obviously great for the jobsite, but if the company’s not footing the bill and you’re on the road a lot, what do you do? There’s not much else out there that’ll stand up to the kind of abuse your Samsung Rugby can, so until now, you were pretty much stuck with whatever deal your carrier offered you.

Now you’re out of the mud, though, because you can easily unlock your phone, just by punching in a couple of numbers – see for yourself! A one-time investment of $29.95  nets you a lifetime of savings by permanently unlocking your phone.

We get our codes straight from Samsung daily, so you’ve got nothing to worry about – unlocking your Samsung Rugby is guaranteed to be safe and easy. Now you can keep in touch on the road without putting in overtime hours to foot the bill!

We’ve all got enough inflated bills as it is – it’s time to stop overpaying for communication, at least! If you’ve had it with usage fees and restrictive contracts not letting you get the most of your Samsung Rugby, unlock today – you’ll be saving tomorrow!


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