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Unlocking.com joins forces with UnlockBase

Wednesday 10th August 0

Launched in 2003, Unlocking.com was one of the pioneer websites in remote cellphone unlocking. So it is with some excitement that market leaders UnlockBase announces that Unlocking.com has been acquired so as to offer our customers an even more comprehensive unlocking service worldwide.

Unlocking.com was originally founded by Irish entrepreneur John McLaughlin, and was initially known as uniquephones.com. The site was subsequently sold in May 2011 to Vietnam born, Australia based Nguyen Thuy Hoang. Mr. McLaughlin was among the first site owners to start unlocking Apple iPhones in 2007.

Mr. Hoang has since diversified into a different field and has the exclusive right to sell MBAs from the UK in a number of Asian cities. Hoang bought the cellphone unlock site in 2011 but admits he struggled to make his investment profitable due to the complexity and ever evolving nature of the cellphone unlock industry.

As John Milton, owner of UnlockBase and the newly acquired Unlocking.com website explains, “The cellphone unlocking is a tough and fast moving business. If you’re not right on top of what you are doing it simply won’t work for you. At UnlockBase we pride ourselves on having some of the best reverse engineers in the business as well as a fast and responsive customer service team that is open 24/7 365 days a year, always with a human being present to help and quickly resolve problems.”

Unlocking.com will be incorporated into the UnlockBase business model with a fast, efficient turnaround service for unlocking a wide range of cellphones from a vast worldwide database of international service providers.

The database of international service providers changes almost as quickly as the smartphones themselves, so it’s a 24/7 job by an experienced team to keep up to speed with the changes. But having the right phone model unlocked by a named service provider anywhere in the world in part of the UnlockBase promise and it will become part of the Unlocking.com promise too.

One of the other areas where Unlocking.com will see changes is in adopting the same Price Match Promise that has made UnlockBase so popular. If a certain phone model can be shown to be unlocked cheaper by a competitor, it will be match or even beaten for price if possible, assuring customers of the best value for money at all times.

Unlocking.com is currently undergoing design work to make it part of the UnlockBase family. At the time of its purchase it was able to unlock some 8,500 different handsets from all the leading brands including Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. When the changes are implemented the site will offer an even greater database of phones and service providers.

We will absorb the unlocking.com database into that of UnlockBase” said Mr. Milton. “We anticipate unlocking.com customers will be delighted with the service we can offer. We like to be competitively priced, quick to react, versatile and offer what we believe is the largest database of phones and service providers anywhere on the net.


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