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HTC Unlocking

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Your HTC phone is already awesome - and it's about to get even BETTER! That's because once you unlock your HTC, you won't be trapped by low-coverage areas, unfair contracts from your provider, or unnecessary fees! You will finally be able to use your phone how you want.

Say goodbye to expensive limitations - you'll be able to use your slick, unlocked HTC phone with any SIM card from ANY PROVIDER - and that means the freedom to SAVE BIG! Students and travelers in particular will love this - imagine better data/messaging plans and the ability to switch providers at any time - eliminating roaming charges once and for all.

So how do you unlock your HTC phone? It's so simple, ANYONE CAN DO IT! Really, all you need to do is punch in a few numbers on your keypad, and let us take care of the rest! But don't worry - we all know how technology can be! With this in mind, we'll also send you complete, step by step directions to help you unlock your HTC. If you still aren't convinced at the simplicity of this process, just watch the video above.

IS IT SAFE? WILL IT WORK? You bet - we guarantee it on both counts. A few moments after purchase, you'll get an unlock code direct from HTC as well as our easy directions telling you how to use it. Since this code comes straight from the manufacturer, it's 100% safe and unlocking cannot damage your phone in any way. What's more, we guarantee that our service will work for your phone - or your money back!

What's more, Unlocking.com's help desk is open 24/7 to answer any questions you might have - could unlocking your HTC phone be ANY easier? Get the freedom you want, choose only the features you NEED, absolutely RISK-FREE!


from 3587 Ratings & Reviews
This was worth every penny!! It unlocked my phone without a hitch!! I am thrilled with this service and recommend it to everyone looking to unlock their phones!!
Jessica, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola moto e5 Play
Fast, easy, and safe. Well worth the price for the service!
John H, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 7
Prompt and reliable
Tamara Smith, Guyana unlocked a Samsung Galaxy A12
Great service, very quick and accurate.
Steve, Brazil unlocked a Motorola Moto Z
merci boucou ce cite est belle
[email protected], Algeria unlocked a Nokia 3310
I paid for this service 28 hours ago, not really believing it would be unlocked. Got the email a while ago and lo and behold I just inserted a local SIM card and the phone works after three years of sitting around. I couldn’t be happier. Great service, great communication; love it!
Gordon Mulcare , Trinidad and Tobago unlocked an Apple iPhone SE
Excellent service no comments at all! Well done gents
Faisel Al-Battashi, Oman unlocked a Huawei E5770s-320
Its the brst way to go I think
Christopher Reynolds, United States - USA unlocked a LG 1200
Mike, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola E6
Im ver thankful for the service , i try Manuel times and waste money to unlock it , but this is the only place I get the job done
Samsung galaxy s10e , Puerto Rico unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S10e
Worked first time, many thanks
Tori williams, United Kingdom unlocked a Huawei P Smart
waited 12 hours & bingo away we go. spot on
kevin rogers, United Kingdom unlocked a Huawei Mate 20 Lite
I am very happy with your service and just the pure ease of this ,Thank you i will highly recommend unlock arena!
Steven Wareing, United States - USA unlocked an Apple iPhone 13
5 minutes and worked! Hungary, Vodafone. Thanks!
Gabor Racz, Hungary unlocked a Nokia 3310
Very fast service
Sandy carroll, United States - USA unlocked a LG 1200
Really happy. At first I thought it might be dodgey as I don't trust anyone or anything, but I thought it's only a few quid I'll give it a go as I really needed this phone unlocked to my network. Thought it was going to take a few days to get my code like the email said on the 7th January, and didnt really want to wait that long but thought I'll have too, I applied after 12pm at night and received my code today 12hours later instead of the 10th January so I'm over the moon and it worked so couldnt thank them enough and would definitely recommend them to other who's need this service. 5*
Jamez, United Kingdom unlocked a Huawei P smart+ 2019
Number 1 unlocking site
Kingsford, Ghana unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S10e
Well worth the price, got the unlock code within a couple days I highly recommend
Alyssa Sepulveda, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Very good service
Slawomir Ziolkowski, United Kingdom unlocked a Nokia 9210 Communicator
Simply the best and fastest and also cheaper service I have found. Literally it took 34 min to unlock iphone SE 2nd Gen. Thanks team. Keep like this. Don't hesitate to use this service.
Obed C, Mexico unlocked an Apple iPhone SE 2
Unlocked ATT Kyocera E4710. Plugged in Public Mobile (Canada) SIM and connection was made in about 1 minute. Obviously highly recommended.
Bruce Wilson, Canada unlocked a Kyocera DuraXE E4710
The best sim unlocker. It took under 8 hrs to unlock my iPhone. I highly recommend this site.
Omar, Jamaica unlocked an Apple iPhone Xs Max
Everything was excellent, I thought it would take longer or even worse that I was going to have the code on business days (Monday to Friday) like most pages, but I placed my order on Saturday night and Sunday morning I already had my code, thank you very much, it only took a couple of hours to get it, again thanks.
Bruno Eduardo Arroyo Badillo, Mexico unlocked a Motorola Moto X Force
Wow Your services are just amazing. I strongly recommend this website to everyone when it comes to unlocking phones. They’re just the best
Michael Offe-Gyebi, Ghana unlocked a Nokia 2600
Excellent site, mighty, fast, and service in less than 24 hours. My phone was opened, thank you
Hamad, Saudi Arabia unlocked an Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Wow wow guys am so happy with your service, Thanks for unlocking my phones ,u are really the best
Christopher, South Africa unlocked a Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Omg I was dreading this extremely. But I was stressing over nothing. I had the unlock code within a hour of buying it and it was easy to put in the phone... Extremely happy and will use them again and again
Cola, United States - USA unlocked a Motorola Moto G Pure
Buen sitio web económico y resuelves poder usar el teléfono donde quiera 100% seguro
Alexis, United States - USA unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Code arrived within 1.5 hours and it worked. Can't say fairer than that. Not free any more though ;-)
A Customer, United Kingdom unlocked a Huawei P Smart
Excellent service highly recommended Very fast service..without sending a single mail my phone is unlocked..just do the payment and wait to see the magic.. Good work..keep it up
Major irfan, Pakistan unlocked an OnePlus Nord N10 5G

Unlocking Your HTC

The Unlocking Process

  • 1. Find your HTC model and fill out the checkout pages.
  • 2. Your unlock code will be sent to you in a few minutes.
  • 3. Follow the step by step instructional video to unlock your HTC phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking Questions

  • What is the total price?
    • Any HTC handset manufactured before May 2010 will be charged $14.95. Handsets produced after May 2010 are charged $24.95. After your submit this page we will check your IMEI number with HTC and display the price on the next page.
  • Do you support all HTC handsets?
    • We are unable to support a number of HTC handsets locked to certain carriers. You will receive a warning on the next page if your handset is not supported.
  • Are you sure you can find a code for my phone?
    • You may have unsuccessfully tried to obtain an unlock code from another provider. We have access to both HTC databases and have a success rate of 98%. If you code isn't found you are automatically refunded instantly.
  • I can't find my HTC model number on your site.
    • Some HTC handsets have a few names, enter your model name in the search box at the top of the page to find the correct model.