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Motorola Subsidy Codes are used to remove restrictions added to a Motorola phone by your original carrier so it will only work with their network. It can also known as an unlock code or an unlock password.

Why did your phone display the prompt "Enter Subsidy Code"?

"Enter Subside Code" appears on locked phones when the SIM is changed. A SIM is usually changed to use a new wireless carrier without buying a new phone because you can save money, increase phone value and expand service area.

How do you get a Subsidy Code?

Unlocking.com can provide you with the subsidy code for any Motorola model. You just need to provide some information found on your phone. A subsidy code and detailed instructions for using the subsidy code will be emailed to you within a few hours.

What information is needed to get a Subsidy Code?

Your Motorola serial number (often called an IMEI number). This can be found by pressing:

# 0 6 # (star, pound, zero, pound) on your phone's keypad. Your serial number will show on your phone's screen.

Can entering a Subsidy Code damage my phone?

Entering a Subsidy Codes supplied by Unlocking.com is guaranteed and will not cause any damage, erase any information or void of your warranty. Unlocking.com provides subsidy codes sourced directly from Motorola and specific to each handset.

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