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Free your Samsung From Captivity by Unlocking!

Sunday 8th May 0

Your Samsung Captivate puts the whole world in your hands, sure – too bad you’re held captive by your phone carrier! Never fear – freedom’s in sight! You’ll soon be using the features you want at the fees you choose, wherever you are…

Because now you can safely unlock your Samsung Captivate through Unlocking.com! We’re getting fresh unlock codes every few hours, right from Samsung and guaranteed to work, as usual! That means you’ll be able to make use of this Android phone’s awesome web and video capabilities without getting stung at the end of the month, because you’ll pick and choose carriers as you please.

Your single investment of $9.95 permanently unlocks your phone – and the doorway to savings. See for yourself how easy it is! You’ll probably save more than that just in your first month of data usage! Unlock your Samsung Captivate… throw off the chains today!



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