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LG Optimus Data Usage Cost – Unlock to Optimize

Tuesday 3rd May 0

All the features, none of the fluff – who needs complexity when you’ve got a simple phone that works well and looks great? Have you ever wondered where that “data usage” goes when you’re checking out your bill? Some of the features built into your LG Optimus can burn through a lot of your allowance working in the background – and end up costing you a pretty penny in the process.

Now you can fix this without digging through all the technical stuff, or disabling any features of your phone (actually, depending on carrier, you may even be restricted already!). Unlocking your LG Optimus will let you pick the company and plan you like so you can enjoy the features you want – conveniently.

Unlock your LG Optimus to optimize its data usage costs by opening up your options. You won’t believe how easy it is, and how little time it takes. In fact, we’re getting guaranteed safe unlock codes straight from LG about every 6 hours, so you don’t have very long to wait! There’s no way to damage your phone and it’s really simple to start saving money – just punch in the code!

You know how much you’re spending now on data usage fees… imagine how much you’re going to  save by unlocking your LG Optimus! A single investment of $14.95 will permanently enable you to choose your provider – and your fees.

Optimize your Optimus – it’s got certain ring to it… just like money!



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