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Our Customer Guarantee

We at Unlocking.com work hard to maintain excellent customer support. We guarantee that if your phone is locked and we can't unlock it, you will receive your money back. We guarantee that customer service will always be accessible.

We guarantee that, if you follow our procedures and guidelines, your phone will not be damaged during our unlocking process. If the following criteria are followed, you will receive a refund if your phone is not successfully unlocked:

1 The information provided on the submission form when ordering the service is 100% correct.

2 The instructions provided with the service have been followed exactly as stipulated.

3 The mobile phone is not stolen or blacklisted.

4 The mobile phone is not already unlocked.

5 The phone's software has never been altered, changed or tampered with in any way.

6 The phone's IMEI number has never been altered, changed or tampered with in any way.

7 An attempt to unlock the phone hasn't been made in the past.

Unlocking.com will endeavor to solve any problem a customer may have while attempting to use our service. However, liability lies solely with the customer. In addition, Unlocking.com cannot guarantee that our service will enable the target handset to operate on any specific network. Certain handsets will only work on certain networks because of different GSM frequencies.

We do guarantee timely and friendly help at all times (24/7 no exceptions!)

If we fall short of your expectations and our promises, we want to know about it. Our contact page is not for decoration.

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