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A locked cell phone can be worthless out of your home country because it won't work or is too expensive to use.


Unlocking your GSM phone will make your phone compatible with network carriers nearly anywhere. By unlocking your phone, you can use your phone cheaply abroad.


Mobile phone unlocking can be easy or it can be difficult. Our phone unlocking service makes the whole unlocking process very simple for the international traveler. Unlocking mobile phones efficiently and quickly is our priority.

We have unlocked phones in over 165 countries and we know what we're doing. You have our guarantee. We provide 24/7 customer support for our unlocking services and help ensure you will spend your holiday or business trip without the worry of exorbitant mobile phone costs. You won't return home to large bills for roaming costs. Your cell phone can work everywhere in the world at affordable rates.

Carrier Unlocking:

Most mobile phone carriers do offer some type of international service. However, it is usually expensive and inconvenient, and even though they are required to unlock your phone if you ask, they don't always make it easy.

Savings Example:

Consider this: two incoming ten minute calls from the UK with your O2 service will add fifteen pounds to your bill. That's just one example! Overall, the average person can save 75% off their regular carrier's international rates. That's quite a savings!

Telephone Number:

Every traveler prefers to retain their usual telephone number and with Unlocking.com' unlocking services, you can do that and still save money.

Network Compatibility:

Your unlocked mobile phone will be compatible with networks around the world and switching between carriers is effortless.

North America:

Our unlocking service is especially good for North American customers whose phones are sometimes incompatible with GSM systems that are universal in the rest of the world.

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