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Mobile-Base: online Cell Phone Marketplace you can trust!

Monday 15th August 0

When every mall and every high street has any number of service providers crazy keen to offer you the latest phone deals by the score, you may well ask yourself why bother to buy online? And why have we bothered to start a site such as Mobile-Base?

The best of everything

The answer is simple. Mobile-Base was created because we want to offer our customers the best of everything. Not only the best phone deals, special offers and exclusive bargains from professional dealers, which we warmly welcome, but also from ordinary users around the world who want to buy, sell or trade a smartphone or other device. After all, with over 2 billion phones and counting in use around the world, why limit your buying experience to just the local mall or the high street?

Safe to buy worldwide

Mobile-Base provides you with a safe, smooth and secure buying environment even if your phone deal is conducted from thousands of miles away. That’s because we vet every dealer before they can sell with us, and if there is any problem with a sale there is not only the standard protection afforded by PayPal, but also our own strict regulatory procedures that ensures an untrustworthy Seller doesn’t get to sell again on our site if too many complaints and problems are lodged.

To ensure fair play, and to answer any questions, we also have a dedicated team working 24/7. Is your local phone store open 24/7?
Unlike some of the major online auction sites, Mobile-Base invests time and effort to work with leading cell phone stores and dealers around the world who want to offer outstanding value and service to our customers.

If you can’t find the kind of service and attention you want in your local store, Mobile-Base can offer you what you are looking for from dealers the world over. And because every dealer is carefully checked, Buyers can feel confident that they will receive exactly what they pay for. This opens up huge new buying possibilities for all.

Easy to navigate

The Mobile-Base buying experience is rather like walking through a massive mall dedicated to smartphones, tablets and a whole range of other devices. The site itself is designed to be easy to navigate, and unlike a mall, where you may have to take an elevator to find the store you want, you just have to click your mouse to find exactly what type of phone or device you are looking for, or indeed, to decide where is the best section for you to sell your own wares.

Learn from reviews, expert advice and news

We’ve already started posting educational articles about buying smartphones on our site and there are many more to come. By following our blog you can avoid some of the pitfalls of buying online, and find yourself a bargain cellphone or other device. There are already articles posted on how not to get scammed, how to find that all important IMEI, and how you can make money from selling older devices. And because the power of word of mouth is always best, we also offer users the chance to rate our Sellers.

Looking for an older phone? Try Re-Boot Hill

Some folks still swear by the clean and simple Nokia phones of 10 to 15 years ago. They’re not interested in a smart phone, they just want a reliable phone they can trust. But where to find such a model these days? The answer is Re-Boot Hill. This is the section of the site where Mobile-Base goes retro and offers phones and other devices that could be old, older, slightly damaged, or a much needed accessory such as a particular type of charger or cable. One man’s old is another man’s gold, and on Re-Boot Hill you’re protected against any shoddy salesmanship.

Can’t find it first go? We’ll let you know.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on your first visit to Mobile-Base, just subscribe with us, let us know what you’re after and you’ll be the first to know when such an item is advertised for sale. As the site picks up pace you’ll find more and more choice.



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