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Unlock iPhone To Sell it Legally

Sunday 26th December 0
unlock iphone to sell

Unlock iPhone to sell: Most smartphones are locked to a single carrier when a SIM card is put in. Only SIM cards from the same carrier will work in that iPhone after the SIM card is removed from the phone itself.

If you’re selling an iPhone, unlocking it will improve its value. The buyer will not have to pay to have it unlocked, nor will they have to go through the hassle of finding it out themselves.

It can be hard to sell an iPhone that is unlocked because it could come back to haunt you in some way. If your device is still under warranty, Apple may not be able to help you if they find out that you are the current owner. But what if this isn’t possible? Take heart, because there are still ways to go.

Things you need to do before selling your phone : 

1. Back up your iPhone and unpair your Apple Watch if you’ve already paired one to the phone, then.

2. Keep Find My iPhone and iCloud turned off if you’re going to switch to Android.

3. Clean up the iPhone by restoring it to its factory settings and putting it back to how it was.

Unlock iPhone to Sell

As long as you don’t pay full price to get an unlocked iPhone, it can only work on the network that you choose at first. It can’t be used on another phone company’s network because your carrier doesn’t allow it to.

As long as someone reports the phone lost or stolen, no wireless company will let you use your device. Even though we can unlock blacklisted iPhones, we don’t do it for ones that have been lost or stolen. This is because we don’t do it for those.

To activate and unlock an iPhone that is locked, there are two steps: (1) We find out where your iPhone came from. Then, using its IMEI, we unlock it from anywhere.

This means that in order for us to find out if your phone can be unlocked, we need to know its Carrier Locked Status as well as its Current Owner Info, from the Apple database. This is something that our Apple GSX Check Service can do for you.


This is all we need to unlock your iPhone for good: The IMEI number, the iPhone’s carrier, and the country where it was made. Afterwards, you can use your phone on any carrier that supports it!

In order to get your iPhone ready for sale, you need to get rid of all of your data and turn off Find My iPhone. Then, make sure that the new phone you bought works.

As soon as you bought and activated the new phone, your phone service should have moved over. We already know that the new phone works. You may have already gotten phone calls on the new one. If not, ask someone to call you and make sure your new phone gets the call. Then, everything is fine.

Best-Place To Sell Your iPhone

unlock iphone to sell

eBayThere’s always eBay if you want to sell your equipment yourself. The site offers a fast tour where you can enter your phone’s specs before deciding whether to sell it through eBay’s usual auction procedure or a Quick Sale option, which pays you right away after eBay receives the phone.

unlock iphone to sell


Do you need to sell your iPhone quickly? uSell is one choice. To obtain an offer, choose your model, carrier, capacity, and condition. If you accept it, uSell will mail your iPhone to you for free.

unlock iphone to sell


Swappa is an online marketplace where you may directly sell your iPhone. On the site, you’ll choose your phone type, submit some images, and pick a price. When someone buys it, you are paid right away via PayPal.


Buying a used iPhone is a fantastic way to save money on the latest Apple devices. It doesn’t imply you can’t use your iPhone just because it’s locked. People who wish to utilize an iPhone that has been locked seek lock removal services.

You can still sell the locked iPhone if you can’t unlock it or don’t want to put forth the effort. A locked iPhone, on the other hand, will not bring in as much money as an unlocked one.


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